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Austin Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatments

Getting older isn’t always the picnic we want it to be, but the truth is that there’s no reason to feel more tired or have less stamina than when you were younger. With Austin hormone replacement therapy, you can feel young again and enjoy other benefits such as more energy, a better sex drive, an improved mood and fewer night sweats and hot flashes.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is safe and effective, especially for women who are younger than 60 and will only be using the hormones for a specific amount of time. Being closer to menopause is also best, as there are more risks to women who are over the age of 60 only because they are at an already increased risk of certain cancers, stroke and heart disease.

What methods of hormone replacement therapy are available?

Hormone replacement treatments in Austin TX can be taken in a variety of ways. By discussing your lifestyle with our clinic, we can determine the best fit for you.

Tablets – Tablets are most popular and readily available. They are taken each day to keep hormone levels stable, but they must pass through the body.

Skin Patches – These patches are applied every few days and work by slowly releasing hormones into the body. While they can be irritating to wear, there are often fewer side effects from the hormones.

IUD – Hormones can be delivered via an IUD for women who can’t tolerate oral pills.

Gel – Gels are rubbed into the skin daily to deliver hormones to the body. Gels are good for women who can’t tolerate other forms of hormone medication.

Creams – There are creams available that can be inserted into the vagina to help with vaginal dryness and irritation.

What symptoms does hormone replacement therapy in Austin TX treat?

How do you know if Austin hormone replacement therapy is right for you? When you have low estrogen levels, you will certainly feel the effects. However, many people are unaware that what they are experiencing is indeed from low hormone levels. Symptoms like fatigue, irritability and insomnia are often attributed to growing older, when really, they are signs of low hormone levels that can be treated.

Our HRT clinic often meets with women who are suffering from symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes, and they’re enough to interfere with a healthy social life and sleep patterns. When it comes to this, hormone replacement treatments in Austin TX can be necessary.

Is HRT right for me?

We understand that Austin hormone replacement treatments are not for everyone, which is why we strongly encourage all clients to talk to their doctor about their specific risk factors. Some women decide that taking hormones is not for them while others find that their life is greatly improved after taking estrogen.

Fortunately, when taking hormones under the supervision of an experienced HRT clinic and doing so for a short period of time, the associated risks are low, and you can get your life on track and feel like YOU again. To learn more about Austin hormone replacement therapy, contact us today.